BIFL: Paper Shredders - My Preemptive Parts Procurement Request to Fellowes

This may seem odd...

I'm a big proponent of the BIFL mindset (Buy It For Life).  If one buys a product, it should be designed to last a lifetime... even if it means paying a little bit extra.  So when I spent over $200 on a shredder (after careful research), I chose a Fellowes 99ci, based on reliability reviews and the excellent Customer Service record you have amassed over the years.

Being of the slightly... fixated... variety, I know from my research that virtually no shredder (short of a $2,500 GSA-schedule-listed model that's designed to shred a man-sized safe's worth of documents) has end-to-end metal gearing and/or a chain drive.

My last shredder (non-Fellowes-brand) died in this fashion... the single nylon gear finally became brittle and decided to unceremoniously off itself.  Naturally, the single nylon gear is impossible to obtain, which forced me to grudgingly haul its otherwise-still-good-except-for-a-designed-to-fail-nylon-gear carcass to my dumpster's gaping maw.

I therefore beseech you, o kind reader of support requests... can I please possibly preemptively procure (alliteratively) the replacement nylon gear(s) for this shredder such that I can pass this beast of a shredder on to the next generation?

My shredder serial number is: [REDACTED]

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Dagan

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I suggest setting up an ebay email alert for "fellowes 99* (part*,bad*)" and wait for one to get sold for parts.