Fix: The one Exchange/AD checkbox that will get you EVERY TIME...

There are all sorts of Exchange, BlackBerry and Outlook-related issues that can be caused by this one magical checkbox not being checked.

I won’t go into all of them… they’re all obscure, they’re all frustrating, and nobody ever thinks to check this checkbox, because there is no good reason why it should ever be un-checked.

So, if you’re slamming your head against a wall trying to figure out:

·         Why won’t the damn BlackBerry send?

·         Why can’t Suzie log in to OWA?

·         Why can’t I delegate mailbox permissions properly?

·         [Insert other obscure Exchange-related issue here]

Open up AD Users & Computers.

Go to View > Advanced Features (make sure it’s checked/enabled).

Find the user’s account, go to the Security tab, and click Advanced.

Check this checkbox… it should always be checked.  If it’s not, check the box and wait a few minutes and try whatever you were trying to do again:

You’d be surprised how many Exchange issues this will fix…