Fix: Workstation optimization "Amateur Hour"

Several of the new clients we’ve taken on from other IT companies (who shall remain nameless) have users who have “gotten used to” the following MSConfig dialog box popping up during boot:

Every time I see this, I cry a little—and I believe my life gets a few minutes shorter as a result.

There is no appreciable reason to use MSConfig to limit startup items on anything but a troubleshooting basis.

If you’re trying to optimize which items run at startup, I’d highly recommend a utility like Sysinternals Autoruns, downloadable from here:

You still have to know what you’re doing when you’re using Autoruns to remove superfluous startup entries—namely to know the difference between what is a legitimate startup entry and what isn’t strictly necessary, so please be careful with this utility.  But hey, you’re already feeling confident enough to selectively disable certain Startup Items, so why not take the next step and remove them properly?

There’s an excellent, in-depth article here about which types of programs can be safely removed here:

Again, use extreme caution… use Autoruns to disable before you delete startup entries.  But please, for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, stop using MSConfig!