How To: Cancel Your Verio Web Hosting Account Without Waiting On Hold

If your company, like mine, is not tolerant of 5+ days of downtime for your website hosted on Verio, this should help you through the process of running for the hills…

As Verio’s official “party line” is that you must call Customer Care to close your account (Reference:, I figured I’d save you the hassle of sitting on hold for an hour+ by telling you what they’ll tell you to do after you sit on hold.

1) Log into your website control panel… if you don’t know where that lives, go here: and put in your domain and the primary account holder’s e-mail address as follows:


2) Once logged in, click the “Account Administration” link (it’s at the top left of the page or thereabouts)

3) Log in again with the same username and password that you just used to log into your website’s control panel

4) At the top of the page, click the Account Management link:


5) Under “Profile,” choose “Account Options”:


6) You should see an icon to modify or close your account (sorry I don’t have a screenshot for this one)

7) Run through the wizard to close the account (it’s a few steps asking why you’re leaving, etc.)

8) Print or save your confirmation page… Verio has been known to continue charging after cancellation, so having this confirmation page saved is essential if you continue to see Verio charges on your credit card!


The cancellation e-mail will go to your primary e-mail contact and will probably get caught in your spam filter, so check there first before getting huffy with Customer Service :-)

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I've read some pretty nasty things about Verio lately. Like them continuing to charge for months after you've cancelled. They have been horrible lately. My sites have been down for days at a time. I've been on tech support for an hour or more, only to have the same problem the very next day and spend another hour on the phone. Plus, since they outsourced tech support, the new team hasn't had a chance to really know the product, and the service is not very good. And one tech said my sites were going down because I needed to buy more space. I'd had a few sites (under a parent site/child site structure) up for 5 years. I'm not a great designer, so it was all very basic HTML, no fancy stuff. None of them took up much room. And suddenly they're saying I need to buy more space? Grrrrrr. So I'm going to cancel the card I use with them before I cancel my account. I refuse to pay for two extra months after canceling when my sites were down so much and I had to spend so much cell phone minutes and time on the phone with them. At this point, they owe me. Ahhh. Thank you for a place to rant.
Very helpful. Appreciate it!