Tip: Typing Phrases Repeatedly? Why Not Automate Commonly-Used Phrases?

After having found myself typing the following line (among others) roughly 5,000,000 times, I decided there must be a better way:

“The issue in this ticket appears to be resolved.  If you have any questions or if this same issue recurs, please reply back to this e-mail and the ticket will automatically be re-opened.  Alternatively, you can call XXX-XXX-XXXX xX and reference the ticket number in the subject line.  Thanks!”

I just completed a quick search for freeware that would automate typing in these commonly-used phrases.

For the PC, I’d recommend Autotext: http://www.autotext-software.com/

For the Mac, I’d recommend Kissphrase: http://www.chimoosoft.com/products/kissphrase/

Both allow you to find-and-replace in real time for key phrases or key combinations, which it will then replace with the text you specify.

Here’s a screenshot of the configuration of Kissphrase for the Mac:

…and the configuration screen for Autotext for the PC:

So, when I type in t-r-! (without the dashes), I get this:

Hope this helps save you some time!