Warning: Don't use for public DNS, use or instead

If you’re up for some light reading: http://www.tummy.com/Community/Articles/famous-dns-server/

If you’re not the “reading type,” here’s the key part of the article:  Should I Use  Unless you are a Level-3 customer, absolutely not.

Essentially, belongs to Level 3, and they have no obligation to ensure that this service is reliable or accurate.  As of late, a number of DNS queries made against have been timing out, which makes it a bad choice to verify DNS name resolution. and, please.


To add to this, Allied Telecom (and my independent tests) have noted that is having some major issues today, which is manifesting itself as many of their customers calling them for Internet connectivity issues when the issue actually lies with the DNS provider that the IT Engineer chose to put in the firewall/DNS settings long before started going downhill.

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If you value your privacy, you'll find another public dns server than google's. Google logs everything. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/tipstricks/a/free...
I second that i would never use google for my Public DNS. Who knows what they are doing with it.
OP probably is from the East Coast or Central. when is the well known fastest in LA and is for Los Angeles City area where DC located. Look, anyone who uses can't even come to this website. Is this how do they I.T. business? or is OP blocked it? Seriously, what the fuck do students learn from the college thesedays? and how the fuck do they get paid twice much when all they do is fuckin restarted STATIC IP setting that's is from fuckin 80s 90s strategy and still think it is safer than DHCP and would lock it forever, when the gateway still has DHCP ON?? or same subnet with wifi? and fuckin come back again after few days and charge them again, FUNNY THING IS THAT THEY NEVER REMEMBER THAT THEY CAME BACK AGAIN, DAMAGING THEIR I.T. BUDGET when the TECH is fuckin retarded and is all his fault?! please feel the fuckin shame for repeating the same issue. AND Realize your shit is wrong and please fix the shit from old professors. make it almost never happens.